Create awesome things for better using cloud GPUs and Edge Devices.

Harness the power for a fast automated world.

Our Services

Immaculate, immutable GPU Direct and HPC Fabrics for your large complex compute-intensive algorithms.

GPU Direct as a service

Optimal automated Tensor core usage for the hard cases. Lets you focus on your problem without the complexities of the perfect GPU Fabric grid.

Intelligent microservices

Monitored, autoscaled, registered, cross cloud, immutable. Pure code control.

Light Speed

Speed is critical. Minimal latencies, benchmarked and accelerated training for the best biases and output.

Toolkit usage experience

Use any of your toolkits with the latest options, nvidia dockerized or baremetal. CNTK, Tensorflow, Keras, Caffe2 usage with or without DIGITS.

Load Fast

Innovative large cloud native storage options. Use with GPU aware CMPs like Kubernetes.

Customer Support

We support for your workflow’s total glory and staying ahead of your competition.

Meet The Team

cloudgear is lean and automated

Dwai Banerjee

Chief legend

Automation paranoid a& Cluster spinner

Sachin Jambhulkar

Chief overlord

Loves Linux & program writer

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